30 December 2010


So I made a new pin cushion.  The tomato I have is too small. The one I have been using since I got here is not mine, it was my Nana's and so I imagine my mum would be a grump if I tried to make off with it. So I made a new one.  Because I'm totally over this whole kimono thing.. so I'm basically avoiding it. Also, the fact that it gets dark around six pm makes me drowsy and lazy super early. 
 So in the spirit of putting off the kimono, I decided to work on the throw pillows i've been meaning to make for my sofa at my place in Macon. Here's the first one. I think I'm satisfied.

25 December 2010

Hello, Christmas.

So things with the kimono are going okay.  The sleeves were really like wtf. However, I had the brilliant idea to mock them up with some scraps.  This was an extra great idea because the top fabric definitely cannot hold up to seam ripping. It frays out.. immediately. whoops.  Long story short, Ken and I made it happen.  The mock up was about barbie sized.. and I managed to pull it together.  Now both of the sleeves are done.  However, I'm really not ready to keep on keeping on with this Kimono.  I could have had the robe done today, but I'm really big on instant gratification and this is just taking tooooo long. Seriously
So, I took a pause and threw together another clutch like the one previously posted.  My mom really liked it so I made her one.  It's nice to have something finished start to end in an hour and a half. Also, why 'an' hour and 'a' half sound correct? should it be 'a' for both? 

I got new pins for christmas in my stocking.  So, now I have my big yellow pins and lots of little colorful pins.  It makes it more exciting, I guess. I don't know

The entire day has been kinda bleh for me.  I'm not much into christmas. . . because I'm not much into Jesus. This time of year is just a bunch of me listening to my mum complain about how I've abandoned Jesus.  And I've really gotten a little elitist about my anti-messianic views. So, it's hard. Because I don't really want to look at my mother and be like - really? The all-mighty creator of everything incarnated Himself on earth as a mere mortal and died on the cross for my sins but then rose and beat out death and now I can sin? Seriously think about this. It's completely absurd and negates the entire concept of G-d at all. I mean. . . come on. Read your bibles. The entire concept of a divine Messiah is completely bonk.  It's not biblical. The end. So the whole christian holidays thing is really bleehhhh for me because I get a sweet guilt trip from my totally not outwardly religious mother about abandoning baby Jesus. Ehh whatever.

24 December 2010

Thanks, Simplicity.

We're on our way! I'm so dedicated to getting this right that I ironed the stupid pattern pieces.

So far everything is going alright.  I cut out all of the pieces for for the actual body of the robe. woooo.  But now I'm stuck.  The pattern instructions are pretty incomprehensible. Which sucks.  To my benefit, there is plenty of extra outside fabric.. and the lining can be replaced pretty cheaply. So, If I need to do one set of sleeves and then do it again, it can be done. I would just rather not, ya know?
Either way, my beloved feline has been super helpful in the entire endeavor. And by helpful, I mean he won't even let me sit in my chair alone. 

Love the holidays wooo and by love the holidays I mean, can't wait to get on with the avoiding of religion conversations. 

A purse I made for a friend's birthday:

The purse pattern is from U-handblog.  The tutorial can be found here.


23 December 2010

A Tale of Two Kimonos

So, I'm going to work on back-logging some of the projects I've done over the past semester. Interspersed will likely be my current project. So, I'm going to frame this up real nice, eh? The second major project I did this semester was two child-size kimonos for my friend's little girls. 
I used this pattern:
It was really easy to work with and they came out absolutely adorable. 

These are the fabrics I used.  It's  printed quilting cotton from Joann Fabrics.
I made the patterns using gift tissue paper
The girls are 3 and 1, but I think I ended up doing a 4t and a 3t for growing space

 They both turned out pretty adorable. The girls really liked them. For christmas the little ladies are getting some hats. The older girl is getting an embroidered hat which I spent many hours working on :D

 The younger is getting a brown and gold dragon patterned hat that I threw together at the very last minute because the younger girl decided that she's cool with hats. I used a hat I brought back from Istanbul for my little brother as the guide. I'd say they turned out pretty cute.

So what this adds up to is.. dun dun dun... My winter break project is a kimono for my best friend:  ohhh yeeaaa. From what I've read online about the pattern, it's going to be a long and strenuous project. To my benefit, I am not good at following pattern instructions anyways. Apparently these instructions suck. Hopefully I can figure it out
Fortunately my cat is already being SUPER HELPFUL
 Here is the fabric I'm using for the actual robe (My cat is modeling it, he's such a good sport!)