25 December 2010

Hello, Christmas.

So things with the kimono are going okay.  The sleeves were really like wtf. However, I had the brilliant idea to mock them up with some scraps.  This was an extra great idea because the top fabric definitely cannot hold up to seam ripping. It frays out.. immediately. whoops.  Long story short, Ken and I made it happen.  The mock up was about barbie sized.. and I managed to pull it together.  Now both of the sleeves are done.  However, I'm really not ready to keep on keeping on with this Kimono.  I could have had the robe done today, but I'm really big on instant gratification and this is just taking tooooo long. Seriously
So, I took a pause and threw together another clutch like the one previously posted.  My mom really liked it so I made her one.  It's nice to have something finished start to end in an hour and a half. Also, why 'an' hour and 'a' half sound correct? should it be 'a' for both? 

I got new pins for christmas in my stocking.  So, now I have my big yellow pins and lots of little colorful pins.  It makes it more exciting, I guess. I don't know

The entire day has been kinda bleh for me.  I'm not much into christmas. . . because I'm not much into Jesus. This time of year is just a bunch of me listening to my mum complain about how I've abandoned Jesus.  And I've really gotten a little elitist about my anti-messianic views. So, it's hard. Because I don't really want to look at my mother and be like - really? The all-mighty creator of everything incarnated Himself on earth as a mere mortal and died on the cross for my sins but then rose and beat out death and now I can sin? Seriously think about this. It's completely absurd and negates the entire concept of G-d at all. I mean. . . come on. Read your bibles. The entire concept of a divine Messiah is completely bonk.  It's not biblical. The end. So the whole christian holidays thing is really bleehhhh for me because I get a sweet guilt trip from my totally not outwardly religious mother about abandoning baby Jesus. Ehh whatever.

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