23 December 2010

A Tale of Two Kimonos

So, I'm going to work on back-logging some of the projects I've done over the past semester. Interspersed will likely be my current project. So, I'm going to frame this up real nice, eh? The second major project I did this semester was two child-size kimonos for my friend's little girls. 
I used this pattern:
It was really easy to work with and they came out absolutely adorable. 

These are the fabrics I used.  It's  printed quilting cotton from Joann Fabrics.
I made the patterns using gift tissue paper
The girls are 3 and 1, but I think I ended up doing a 4t and a 3t for growing space

 They both turned out pretty adorable. The girls really liked them. For christmas the little ladies are getting some hats. The older girl is getting an embroidered hat which I spent many hours working on :D

 The younger is getting a brown and gold dragon patterned hat that I threw together at the very last minute because the younger girl decided that she's cool with hats. I used a hat I brought back from Istanbul for my little brother as the guide. I'd say they turned out pretty cute.

So what this adds up to is.. dun dun dun... My winter break project is a kimono for my best friend:  ohhh yeeaaa. From what I've read online about the pattern, it's going to be a long and strenuous project. To my benefit, I am not good at following pattern instructions anyways. Apparently these instructions suck. Hopefully I can figure it out
Fortunately my cat is already being SUPER HELPFUL
 Here is the fabric I'm using for the actual robe (My cat is modeling it, he's such a good sport!)

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