24 December 2010

Thanks, Simplicity.

We're on our way! I'm so dedicated to getting this right that I ironed the stupid pattern pieces.

So far everything is going alright.  I cut out all of the pieces for for the actual body of the robe. woooo.  But now I'm stuck.  The pattern instructions are pretty incomprehensible. Which sucks.  To my benefit, there is plenty of extra outside fabric.. and the lining can be replaced pretty cheaply. So, If I need to do one set of sleeves and then do it again, it can be done. I would just rather not, ya know?
Either way, my beloved feline has been super helpful in the entire endeavor. And by helpful, I mean he won't even let me sit in my chair alone. 

Love the holidays wooo and by love the holidays I mean, can't wait to get on with the avoiding of religion conversations. 

A purse I made for a friend's birthday:

The purse pattern is from U-handblog.  The tutorial can be found here.


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