14 March 2011


I made another long skirt... but as far as I can tell I'm never going to get around to posting pictures of final products that I wear. Oops. 
Here's my cat helping me out with another skirt. He's basically the best sewing partner ever... uh huh, did you buy that? Either way. I made another long skirt.  You can't see from this picture but it's a printed knit.  It's really pretty.  I actually had some problems with it because I forgot to determine which way had more give when planning the selvages and the waist band.  Let's just say it had basically no give in one direction.  Fortunately I cut it big enough that it didn't matter. I didn't have to put elastic tape in because of the lack of stretch. So, I suppose that technically I saved myself a lot of trouble with the mix up.  

 In other news I made myself a new wallet/clutch.  I think the lace is going to turn out to be too delicate for me to be tossing this into my bag and stuff, so it might need to exclusively be a going out clutch. whatever. It turned out cute.

Otherwise I made a green dress for a friend's party. I'm working on some tutus. and I really want to make a quilt. like. bad.

 Also, Facebook has finally figured out what's up when it comes to those stupid ads. hahahaha

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