23 March 2011

Proven again

I had a rrrreeaaallllyyyy stressful weekend with A LOT of family drama. Whhhaattt??? yyea. It was intense and I was monstrously stressed out.  However, I spent my weekend with a girl who somehow was perfectly able to understand my stress. It was wonderfully relieving, even through my grief.

I was able to finish one surprise and start another (Yeaa... my cat wouldn't wear the bonnet. He's suucchhhh a bad sport).  It turned out really well, though. :D

 Which any luck, this will get done in the next week.  I have a friend who is from Bangladesh who brought me back a gift when she went during the winter break.  So, I'm making her a gift.
Otherwise I just have some random stuff in the works.

 Also, this owl is supppeeerrr cuuttteee

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