17 May 2011

Odds and Ends

 So this will be a lot of here and there b-s. Yaahhh. so this is a sweet coin purse I made because the metal frame was on sale for less than a dollar at Hancock Fabrics. Yeeppp it isn't holding up very well and I'll likely need to take it apart soon and redo it.  I was lazy and didn't add at interfacing and so yea.. it sucks
 This is the sweet cat ring I definitely did NOT purchase at Dillard's last week.  I told a friend that I'd go back and buy it when I give up on ever finding a guy and decide to commit my life to my cat. She said that she hopes I never buy it. LOL

I decided to try my had at shirring.  It seems to be working out well so far. I'll link to some of the tutorials I referenced later when I feel like finding them again :D 
My cat is being SUPER HELPFUL as usual. I would say it turned out pretty decently but I guess well see. This particular panel is going to be put into a long dress.  I'm feeling optimistic about it. We'll see in a few days though
 Oh, I scored vintage sewing supply jackpot at the goodwill last week.  I legit spent less than thirty dollars and managed to pick up a ton of vintage trim and lace.  Below you can see my cat's face.  He's trying to tell me that I have a hoarding problem and I definitely need to get on using stuff before I keep buying stuff. yahh nice guy

 The fabric and the lace I bought are all pretty nice.  Most of the fabric was like two or three dollars for four or five yards.  Some of the knits are cut oddly, so I'm not sure what I'm going to be able to do with them.  It looks like someone started a project and then stopped? Most of it is definitely uncut though.. so that's cool.

 I'm especially excited about the prospects of attaching lace to everything I make :D haha no not really, but something like that. Lace is super expensive and I got at least a hundred yards of it for three dollars. no joke, what an investment! not to mention all the lace that's with the trims. etc etc wooo

I have already finished a skirt and a bolero.  You can see my disastrous and messy attempts to attach rick rack below.  The skirt it self turned out nice. I used literally every single inch of the paisley fabric.  I loved it sooo much I had to make something wear able out of it :D

Meanwhile I'm working on a dress with a shirred top. yyaahhh It's basically almost done at this point, I need to hem it.. but you know me and final product photographs :D :D

Something random I wanted to mention.  I have an odd fascination with using things start to finish.  As a kid I always wanted to keep my hands on the same pen, new to dead. PROBABLY the result of too much sharing as a child with lots of siblings... This oddity translates into sewing in that.. I get super excited whenever I finish a spool of thread.  Even though the thread is now gone and I have to purchase more lol

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