09 July 2011

The Missing Things

My largest frustration right now??? Missing things. Seriously. I'm so dumb. I'm apparently ridiculously bad at responsible packing. I was really focused on making sure my breakables (tea sets, nicknacks, etc) were safe that I did not put a lot of focus in the most important thing: the reality that I would not be taking everything out of storage very quickly and it was important to focus on what I would want sooner and what I could live without.  I have an entire storage unit of things I can live without. The only things I want. I cannot find. There are like five boxes in the back of the unit to which I cannot get without breaking something. 
one of those boxes contains:
-All of the things to the left (along with three other in the process projects)
-The buttons pictured with my beloved feline (who, by the way, has lost a lot of weight since he moved to my parents house. I speculate that he is heartbroken to be apart from me)
-Interfacing (I found the interfacing that I likely wouldn't use anytime soon)
-The bottom of a linen dress I was working on
-ALL OF MY FREAKING THREAD!!! (Seriously whenever I but fabric I go ahead and buy a matching thread. it's a small price to pay for the match.. but nnnnoooo all that thread is MIA and I'm really disgruntled about using black and white thread for everything but I can't afford to replace them all)
-All of the lace in the picture below
-The leftovers from a black and red linen dress I made which I planned to make a skirt out of for a friend. 

I mean seriously somewhere in my storage unit is a box which contains lots of other things which I actually wanted to have sooner than later. I put it all together. I'm REALLY sure it's all together. But I think my dad and brother put that box in the back.. and lots of boxes with things they thought important (kitchen stuff, who cares??? hahaha) is all towards the front of the unit :( soooo frustrating.

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