09 July 2011

So. I'm not dead. However, I hate hate hate the blogspot poster. like. hate. hate hate hate. hate hate hate hate hate hate hate. 
I don't know if it is that I am using firefox or what. But it is exceptionally difficult to get my posts to LOOK the way I want them to look despite the fact that this fcking poster thing is supposed to be easy to use. Formatting is supposed to be easy but it never happens for me and then I get angry at my computer wwwaahhhh
I, of course why be surprised, have no finished project pictures. nope. of course not. lol. To the right you will see the makings of my 4th of july dress. A dark red lace over a cream jersey. it actually turned out really well and maybe I will get around to photographing it.

Meanwhile. I REALLY like both of these patterns... damn you, Vogue, for being so expensive. The one of the left would likely not work with my body shape, though. Straight bag-shaped dresses do not usually flatter an hourglass. However, with a belt... The one of the left I love love love just hte way it is, I wish I could have it in those fabrics and everything. Alas, no.

I also really like this dress, but I would not need a pattern for it.
This fabric is on its way to becoming a sweet dress.  I was just going to shirr the top and call it a day, but I might go fancier than that. I really love this fabric. It's a cotton batik and I bought it like in november. However, I just never got around to making what I was going to make with it. Plus the original plan was a sleeved dress.. and now I'm obsessed with maxi dresses. The short* dress plan involved clubbing in my head.. but I don't drink anymore soooo....
*short = knee length

This is the neckline of a hot pink, knit dress I made based on this tutorial:
My dress is full length. The fabric is from goodwill. Based on how large of a rib the knit has... it's definitely not anything made recently. This kind of knit is ssooo out of style lol.  It's definitely kinda heavy for a summer dress (especially since sans sleeves, I will be wearing something under or over it normally) but I really like it. Like the tutorial, the neckline is shirred and I wear it with an elastic belt.

Meet disaster shirt. This is the same fabric I used for the kimono from hell. And. I HATE IT. Like. I love the way it looks. I have a ton of it. But.. I just hate it. It's irrational but I hate working with this fabric because I'm just still bitter about it. Either way, I opted to use the fabric to make a kimono-esque shirt for my friend. Let's just say. It was too small. Shoot me in the face. 
Seriously. I am YET to make something for ME which can be worn as finished. EVERYTHING has to be taken in up to six inches because I'm retarded and think I'm a giant. And it turns out I'm just curvy. However, I manage to make this shirt for my friend too small. SSsSSOOOO maddd wwaaahhhh. I'll try again another day. 
In good news, I'm living with said friend and her family so I now have access to full length mirrors ooohhh yyyeeeaaaa. So I'll probs post pictures of all the stuff I made for myself over the past year one of these days when I like shower and brush my hair in the same day.

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