20 July 2011


I found it. Yea. That IT. The box. I'm really ridiculous when I do things last minute. For me, either things are completely PERFECT or perfectly DISASTROUS. Packing was disastrous.  I wasn't planning on moving. For some silly reasons I was pretty intensely considering staying in Macon. I couldn't find a job. So I literally decided like seven days before the end of the month that I was OUT! So... yea. good job, Jordann! Long story slightly less long: I did not happen to make a mental note of where my thread, lace, buttons, or in-progress projects were packed away. I was pretty sure they would all be together.. but my dad and brother packed all my stuff into my storage unit sooo...
Let's just say. It was the last box I opened. So much the last box, that I thought I had opened the last box to be disappointed before throwing stuff around frustrated that there must be another box. wwaaahhh. Let me play this one out for you. In a maxi dress, I climbed OVER my kitchen table into a 1x2 space between all my kitchen table chairs.. and my bed.. and my desk and blah blah blah.. so excellent. I'm also dying of heat because it's an indoor but not climate controlled unit. I scrapped my ankle on my bed frame. it was bleeding. YEA. And then I remembered that there had to be another box somewhere. There was. Under the table. accessible without all the climbing and life risking. Yea. i'm so annoyed with myself. 
So. Now I have all my thread again. Soo glad. 

But. . . . I found THIS at Ikea! FOUR spools of 300m thread for $1.99! Polyester (of course).  I haven't done anything with them yet so I'm not sure about the quality. I'm kinda baffled by the price of them consider the not so low price of Ikea fabrics.. but then again.. they seem like heavy decor fabrics so I suppose they are reasonably priced. We'll see. because I do need to run a zigzag over the edges of a few otherwise finished projects. This cheap thread would be good for that.

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