24 August 2011

Thirfting and other things

I actually have a huge post I'm working on... but that's gonna have to wait until a certain package shows up at a certain place :D
Here are a few things.

I also made some bonnets. I'm going to put them on ebay and see if I have any luck. They're cute.

 I made this notebook cover for my friend's sister because her dog chewed the corners of the notebook. She was pretty excited about it.

This is a gift I got from a friend who recently got back from Bulgaria.  Our other two friends got bracelets, but she didn't think I would wear one and this made her think of me. It's basically the most adorable gift ever. I love it.

 I bought this cheap fabric from walmart. I asked for 2.5 yards, but lady only cut me 1.5 which I did not realize until it was cut, so I didn't bother to hassle her about it.  So instead of getting one long piece with some extra, I was able to cut the pieces. Except, it's cheap fabric. Ugghh so she actually shorted me about five inches somehow which means my plan to cut and stitch didn't work out. I was really annoyed. So, to make up for it, the ends of the scarf (oh, did I mention I made it into a scarf?) have a lace trim. It's actually really cute.. and it's light weight. I'm rather pleased :D
This is the seven dollars in trim that I bought from goodwill today. Quite a few of them are still packaged and everything. I always buy this stuff when I find it because I rarely use trim for big things (so I don't HAVE to have a lot of it) and it's really expensive if I'm only going to be using some of it. Again, I'm very pleased.

One of my absolute favorite things about thrifting trims has to be seeing what matches and wondering what it was purchased for. For example, no one just buys three packs of purple bias tape just to have it around! So I like wondering oohhh what was this for? Today's purchase also contains a lot of reds.
Here is a picture of all of my trims. You might remember half of these from this post. I only purchased about five of all of these brand new.  I mean, pretty decent! I like having all the odds and ends around because I do a lot of spur of the moment little projects.

Sooner or later I will definitely actually post things I made to wear. We'll see. Other than that, I actually just did some work sewing.  I reinforced some bookbags that had not been planned very well by the chinese manufacturer. I'm also giving sewing lessons. busy busy

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