15 September 2011

The Dolls, a new mission

So. . . previously I made this doll over there <<<------- for Megan and her baby Abbey.  I've been inspired to make a set. Soooo.... watch out for that. Here is my first post on it.  I used the graphic below to the cut outs in the bottom picture.  I didn't use the furthest right, largest doll cut out because, as you can see, it is wwaayy bigger than the next one down.  Clearly there should be one or even two more dolls between those two, so I'm going to use the left four.  Four seems like a good number, yah? I'll keep everyone posted on on this goes.  

Oh, another note:  I managed to snag a ton of free fabric from Craigslist. Except. Most of it was awful.  Seriously, there were like four bags and two bins of this fabric and most of it was terrible. Ew. I'm not even sure what the person who collected all of this fabric was even going to do with it in the first place. wth. long story short. I got all this fabric and then I donated like 95 percent of it to goodwill. Like. easy. duh.  I don't know what in the world these people got all this fabric for.  Maybe I'm bias because I don't like most decor fabrics and they annoy me because I can't do cute stuff with most of them. but still. most of this fabric was NOT cute. at all. So, I bailed on it. ditched it outside of goodwill. I ended up getting some stuff I like.  I think that all of the stuff I kept has big potential to be used in small pieces aka these dollies! woooo

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