03 September 2011

The Great Fabric Slippers

 So.. I've been in love with some fabric slippers advertised on craftster... except that I'm a sucker and I'm not going to pay for patterns.  So I decided to make my own. Using these tutorials as guides I made my own pattern:

 I made a "muslin" out of some fabric I don't particularly love and paid basically nothing for.  I've used this fabric to mock up all sorts of things.  As you can see, the initial pattern came out looking something like a flipper. gross. I managed to stitch it down to a relatively normal shape.. cut off the excess.. and then put all the stitches and use it as a new pattern. woo

 I added some ribon in order to make it.. cuter. This isn't actually the fabric I planned on making it out of, but, again, it's a cheap fabric and I didn't want to jump into something I wasn't prepared for with a good fabric. This is the same fabric I've previously used to make a maxi dress and now I use the remnants to make almost anything. The right slipper came out well, i had to make some last minute adjustments to it. It's still not perfect but it's far from the flipper I started with.  After some careful thought, I still managed to make two right slippers rather than a left and a right. I stopped paying attention because I started to focus on making yo-yos. I had to take the second slipper apart and put it back together as a left. nice.

The yo-yos are made from thrifted satin blanket binding and I added a thrifted button. I used this tutorial:

Overall, I'm very happy.  They are single layer.  So, they're kinda like wearing woven socks. When I do this again (you know, with the nice fabric) I plan on lining them and maybe adding some type of padding.  Until then, they'll be nice house shoes. :D

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