26 September 2011

Hand Needle Holder

Sooo... I don't actually use hand needles for much of anything.  I literally have three stuck into my pin cushion and that's all. I just.. don't use them... because my sewing machine does everything for me... yeeaa.. but I mean, just because I don't use them doesn't mean that my poor needles don't need a snazzy case. Besides, sometimes it's really nice to have a 30 minute project. You know.. plus the hour I spent putting the snap in. haha

Soooo... I used this stuff.  Singer "snap fastener kit"  - This actually came in a like grab bag of random craft stuff that I bought at goodwill for like two dollars. I basically bought it in order to get these snaps. and some ribbon..  Anywho. I managed to get the "male" half of the snap on properly with very little stress. However, the "female" was disastrous. I messed up three prong pieces in the process. and I ripped up the fabric some waaahh but the snap that stayed covers the issues. 

I made some more of these things:

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