19 September 2011

The ladies, test run

Meet the ladies. Let's just say, these ladies are going up on Etsy, but I'm still going to post all of this here because quite frankly, I'm going to have to rework the pattern anyways. 

 The ladies started off as white muslin, just as a grounding.  Red polka dots and yellow/almost gold scarves.
 Rick Rack and button for details.
 Face and hair attached with Aleene's


 The Ladies before they got their faces
 The Ladies with faces
All in all, I love them but I wanted them to be more.. curvy. So, that's definitely an adjustment I'll have to make.  Otherwise they came together well. If you want your own set, keep a look out at my etsy.  I will probably be posting them tomorrow.  I'll be working the pattern and adding other sets of dolls in the coming weeks. :) so keep a look out.

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