06 September 2011

My Truest Love

I'm working on cushions and a wedding gift. So, until Megan posts pictures of the things I send her, it is unlikely that I will be making things to post about.  So... I figured I would post my amazon.com review of my one true love, my Brother XL-2600i.
This, my dear readers, is the love of my life. And here is what I had to say about it on Amazon:
When I got this machine, I was pretty hesitant. As a preteen, I had a Singer Tiny Tailor. It was terrible, and I developed a sewing machine phobia. Eventually I started up again with a little basic White brand machine. My mom offered to buy me a full size machine for christmas 2010 when she saw that I was really sewing stuff with my one-stitch option machine. I read hundreds of reviews about machines in my price range. I didn't know anyone who had a machine in my price range that I could as for input from, so I probably spent two weeks deciding based on reviews from various websites. The Brother xl-2600i has mostly good reviews, but the reviews that are bad are really bad. It looked better than Singer, though, and came with more stitch options. I've recently had the opportunity to use two different models of the Singer Inspiration line. Truthfully, I much prefer my machine.
I love this machine. We have such a good relationship that I rarely mend buttons by hand anymore because my beloved Brother will do it for me! 25 stitch functions for the price is amazing! Truthfully, I don't use most of them very frequently, but having them is nice. This machine is very easy to use. Unlike the Singer Inspiration line, this machine is exceptionally easy to thread (top and bottom). It has a needle threader, but I never use it so I can't comment on its effectiveness. The one-step button hole has always worked perfectly for me. I've read some reviews that say that this machine does not work well with a variety of bobbins. Well, I'm a devout thrifter, and I've probably used six different bobbins of various ages with the machine and they've all worked fine.
The machine can definitely handle a lot. I've used it for everything from dress making to industrial sewing jobs (bookbags) where I have to sew through many layers. This machine holds up like a champion.
My only real complaints are: shirring and oiling. Brothers tend not to shir well, but I bought a separate bobbin casing to have one with a higher tension for elastic thread. As far as oiling goes, I am pretty sure that 9 months into our relationship, my machine could use some oil. Except, it didn't come with any and I'm not sure how I would go about doing it without taking it in somewhere. However, neither of these are seriously unfixable issues. I'll probably take my machine in for service at a year, anyways. All machines need regular maintenance to keep them at the top of their game.
All in all, this machine is NOT a miracle machine. However, for the price it's quite the pleasant surprise. I will probably be a dedicated Brother sewist for the rest of my sewing life. I'm looking into buying a serger around this coming christmas. I plan on getting a Brother.


  1. Dear Jordann... it seems that you are pretty good in sewing. To me any machine as long as can be used I've not hesitate to use it. Furthermore I'm not good in sewing....

  2. Haha Kakzakie, you are correct. Before I had this machine I had a tiny sewing machine that only did one stitch.. but I made a lot of stuff with it! I'm just grateful that my mom bought me this machine and it has turned out to be a good one!