29 September 2011

No More Naked Sewing Machine!

Okay, so... a few weeks ago I managed to score a huge amount of free fabric thanks to Craigslist. I hated like 90% of it and dropped all of that off at a goodwill. However, I did keep a small amount of the fabric and some of them I really love.. However, I'm kinda over my allotted amount of space for fabric so I'm trying to get some of it used... and I'm really into small, quick projects lately. 
So, I decided to use this fabric which is a pre-quilted fabric.. I basically basted this to a piece of white cotton and then put bias tape around the edges and added ribbon for the ties. super simple!I decided the size by measuring over the sewing machine.  The width of the cover is about 2.5-3" wider than the machine itself. 

And so now my sewing machine isn't naked all the time anymore. yayayaya

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