16 October 2011


So, I'm away from my sewing machine.  However, during my drive I got together some things to blog about anyways. So: here we go.
-Antique Store- Griffin, GA
 This quilt. is totally made by hand. As in. Those little freaking blocks are sewn together by hand! wwooaahh. I tell you what, I will never have enough patience to do something like this. I don't like sewing stuff by hand that is quick and easy to do by hand. If there's any chance my sewing machine can do it... my sewing machine will be doing it. THANKS! So, all of the patchworking AND the quilting are done by hand on this. Amazing
 These little heart pillows are also hand sewn.  I'm not sure what's up with the little doilies on them.  I'm not sure what they were used for.. but eehh
 This is a "crazy quilt".  I actually saw an exhibit about crazy quilts in Charleston, SC once.  Apparently when they started the were all about fancy fabrics and stuff like that. I'm not a huge fan of them, although part of me wants to try out the "crazy" style with carefully selected fabrics. At some point the style became more about resourcefullness.. The idea for the crazy quilt is to basically use any random scraps of fabric you have laying around.  It solves two problems: scraps that are so small you can't use them for much of anything else AND the need for a blanket. This obviously isn't a fancy crazy quilt. Also, it was falling apart in a lot of places.  Not my favorite piece.
 A bonnet. Enough said.  It was oddly small in the actual head part so idk if it was ever used seriously. Also it was a weird feeling fabric.  I feel like it's more likely that this was a costume bonnet than a legit bonnet
 This handmade doll was kinda scary. Just saying
 Vintage patterns!!! just saying
 I loved this scarf.  But, I have a scarf buying problem. So I left it there. I might go back and buy it anyways

 I have one of these vintage needle books.  They're pretty cool.
 Random fabric scraps.
 This is a ... felt mitten?  It was pretty cute. Lace trim!
 Okay so it all my fabric and thread happenings. I'm really terrible at having enough patience to really learn an art.  Embroidery is one of those issues. I really just can't focus long enough. When I was making my ruffle bag, I was soo annoyed that it took two days. I'm awful when it comes to long term projects because I want instant results.

 These dolls were kinda scary

 Handmade jacket with weird stitching? yes

 Old school dress form.  Maybe because the stand was short, but she seemed to have very odd proportions.

 What you're looking at here is the peddle for an manual sewing machine.  Basically, you would rock your foot back and forth on this peddle in order to move the needle up and down. Thank G-d I have electricity or I would probably not sew. :D
 Needle point stretched for working
 Cute bonnet girl on a quilt
Old school (but electric!) sewing machine.  This thing is a beast, it was totally not meant to be taken out of it's table. It's super heavy. However, it did have a light attached so it's not totally in the dark ages (bahahahahahaha)

So I hope this was fun for some of you.

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