02 October 2011

Needle Envelope -TUTORIAL! :D

Okay, so basically EVERYONE loved this thing. You can PURCHASE one at my Etsy, where I have one post that had about six different patterns - just let me know which one you want when you order!  OR, you can make your own. Here's a quick tutorial:

 Okay, soooo. You're going to start with three pieces: Two piece of fabric and one piece of interfacing (or two, this really depends on your preference).  I had sew-in interfacing laying around, so that's what I used.  I made mine 7x4.5".  I basted the three pieces together, like a sandwich.  The fabric is right sides out with the interfacing in the middle.  I put little black dashes to show you that I sewed them all together :)

 Next, bias tape.  I made a lot of these, but for most of them  I used single fold, normal width bias tape.  I pinned the bias tape on, rounding it on the corners.  After it was pinned on, I cut the corner to the curve of the bias tape.  Stitch the bias tape on, unpin, fold it over the end, sew again.

Finishing touches: The felt I sewed in is 3.5x2.25 - I folded the envelope in order to decide where to put it, but it sits about 2.5" from the side.  The "male" snap is about .5" from its edge, the "female" snap is on the opposite side of the envelop, about 1.25" from its edge. I used a singer snap fastener kit, but hand sewing in regular snaps would be just fine! And we're done! Any questions??

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  1. Thanks for sharing the tute.....I came over from Craftster.org. Hugs Naomi