29 October 2011

An Owl and (unrelated) Leather Sewing Tips

This post is going to be fairly random.

First,  I made this owl. Isn't he freaking adorable? He came from this tutorial.  I'm not going to lie, I still like hers more. The tutorial itself was really easy to use.  Except that I don't have a protractor so I couldn't measure the angles.  I'm pretty sure my angle for the front of the owl was bigger than it was supposed to be (or the other angle was too small?) Either way, that was my only beef and it's my fault for not having that tool handy haha. I think I am going to make a set of these babies in the future for decorative purposes.  I'll have a protractor AND carefully chosen materials for it.  I just used scrap thrifted fabrics I had laying around. (you know, how all of my projects happen).  He's pretty cute, though.

Also, another random thing that I did, I sewed patches onto a leather vest for a gentleman who is a member of a motorcycle club. True story.  I have some pictures that I took while I was working for reference purposes, but I didn't ask about blogging them, so I'm not going to post them. HOWEVER, I do have some tips.
NEEDLES:, Super important! BUY NEEDLES FOR LEATHER. If you do not, you are going to be miserable. Seriously. Needles specifically for leather are designed to pierce the leather with ease. I purchased Schmetz brand Leather Needles (size 18) for this project.  Fortunately they were 50% off at Joann, so that was cool!
PLANNING: These needles are designed to cut straight through the leather, nooo problem. This means that if you mess up they will leave visible holes. Forever. So, planning is really essentially
"PINNING":  For anyone who has ever tried to sew a patch onto a leather vest, you'll find that it's basically impossible to pin the patches into place. Very impossible. I used scotch tape.  The scotch tape DID slip around a bit, but I wouldn't use anything stronger than scotch because it would probably mess up the leather.  So, I just used many many strips of tape to tape the patches (one at a time) into place.  I also definitely stopped and started many many times.  It is really important to work slowly so that you do not mess anything up!
Lastly, don't sew over the vest's pockets!!! hahaha


  1. Thanks so much for the tape advice, I am doing the same thing for a friend and did not know what to buy for pin'n/tape'n. Did you use a special foot for your machine?

  2. no, I used my regular foot because it was never directly on the shiny side of the leather. IF you are sewing on the shiny side, I've read that putting tape on the bottom of your foot will help it slide over the leather.