10 October 2011

Ruffle Bag!

Okay.  So this was probably one of my least organized projects ever, despite having seven million (okay a dozen) pieces.  So, I was inspired by how much I ended up loving the flower (which you see in the left picture) that I made for this tutorial post.  The colors were inspired by the brilliant Megan... I would have never thought to put yellow with grey and white. 
 So I was actually pretty uncertain about a lot of things in this process. I ended up going with three strips for gathering. They were all about 5" wide and 44" long.  Ohhh yea, they ruffled down intensely. I used my ruffle foot, of course, because it's like the love of my life.

 The fabric (all of it) is thrifted. However, I had just enough of each.. what I did come up short of? Interfacing.  Most of the interfacing is sew-in... and I did not have any pieces big enough so the bag actually ended up being about three inches shorter than I planned on it being. Ooopss

 I ended up attaching the ruffles with the top of the semi-exposed.  I decided I liked this better than
putting right sides together, stitching, turning, pressing blah blah blah

The straps have yellow strips on them.  I was afraid that the strips on this bag would get really overwhelming really fast but I think I managed to balance it out with the accent color.

I'm happy to say that I totally rocked out a zipper pocket. I've tried this before had had miserable failure because I made the opening for the zipper WWWAAAYYY too big, but this time it totally worked out and I'm completely pleased!

 I used magnetic snaps for closure. I added an extra layer of interfacing to make it sturdier because I don't want them to rip out :( That would be sooo baddd

All in all, I'm fairly pleased. I love the colors together

It's not super obvious. But the straps are multifunctional.  It's a perfect shoulder bag and can also be worn as a book bag.  This was pretty important to me because I spent a lot of of time lugging around my sewing machine and a sewing box and it I can save some of my effort by not having to hold on to my purse, that's wonderful. yayay. 


  1. Well done....love the colours....so different. Hugs Naomi

  2. Mary Steininger13/11/11 07:54

    Love this bag. It is so cute and I am sure my daughters will love it too.