24 October 2011

What's up with me?

Well, I'm back in the atlanta area after some intense car repairs in Savannah.  I've been away from my sewing machine for about eight days... which is (obviously) why I haven't posted anything exciting. Had I know I was going to be gone for so many days I would have brought my sewing machine with me! So, here's whats on the plate for my crafting life:
I'm working on my halloween costume. I'm going to make a white dress that is shaped like this:

and I'm going to add a gold headband and a collar type thing and call it a cleopatra costume. Good plan, yaaahhh? yah for sure!

I am also in recent possession of an awesome set of shutters. They're going to become a cabinet.  They were just hanging out on the side of the road, ready to be thrown away! My friend and I jumped out and messed with them, and the wood is all good! Soo hello shutter cabinet!  It's gonna look like this when I'm done except a little bigger and a different color.

Also, I'm in the works on a children's tutu tutorial. oh yea. It's gonna be super cute. I'll be getting back to regular sewing posts soon! :)

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