02 October 2011

Working with Jersey - Necklace TUTORIAL

So, if you remember this post from June/July, I was making a dress. Well, here it is. haha to the right is the belt I made to go with it because I couldn't get the waist line to be smooth.

 So, I made this headband out of the extra braid from the belt of my 4th of July dress. :D

 This bracelet is made from grey jersey and pink ribbon. 

Working with Jersey/knits is actually one of my favorite things ever. Plus, it's really easy to make fun accessories from it. 
Before working with knits, it's important to determine the directions of the stretch. Usually, one way will stretch a little, and the other way will stretch a LOT.  The fabric I'm working with is striped. I stretches a LOT longways with the stripes and stretch a little across the stripes.  Jersey will curl/roll on the edges, especially when cut along the direction which stretches the most.

 Not much stretch

 Lots of stretch

Edge rolling

i started with strips which were around 22" long and around 1" wide.  You should be cutting so that your strips will stretch the most along their length. After you have cut them, stretch them and they should curl up.

knot the three strands together.  Braid them.  I tend to stretch a little as a braid in order to get it tight, but it's most important that you stay consistent. When I was finished, I had about 18" of braided jersey.

After this. I cut a strip about 2.5" wide.. Wrap the strip around one end of the braid, under the knot.  Wrap right side of the against the braid.  Stitch. Cut off the knot.

On the other side, again, wrap the fabric right side against the braid. Try to get the strip straight from one end to the other, but it's not that important. Stitch, cut off the knot. Turn the strap right side out.

I tied a little bow on one side for added cuteness.  I plan on wearing it lopsided.  You can adjust lengths as you wish in order to get the exact look that you want. :)
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  1. Anonymous4/12/11 13:16

    very cute and resorceful idea !love it !

  2. Anonymous4/12/11 17:34

    I like it too. Nice idea for extra Christmas gifts. Very cute idea. Thanks so much. :)