26 October 2011

Zorro, The Boston Terrier Puppy

 So, my friend has a boston terrier puppy. Obviously, he needed a costume. I have this terrible fabric that looks like stretch pleather or something that I got for free from craigslist.
here is my inspiration and the cape I based this cape off of:

 The cape itself is 10 inches across the top, 20 inches across the bottom, and about 14 inches tall (from the center) The collar part is about 16 inches finished. Louis has a 13-14 inch neck and is about 14 inches long. You can adjust these measurements for your dog depending on its size. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!
 I hemmed all of the edges
And then slowly added lace to create the pattern.
 It was a slow process because I could only add a few pieces at a time
 So this is what it looks like lol Very cute, yah??
 I forgot to take pictures of making the collar part.  However, I used a 17x5 inches. I folded, right sides together, and sewed each edge and a few inches in.  I turned it right side out, folded the remaining edges in. and then sandwiched it over the top edge of cape. I sewed all the way around and then added velcro. My velcro has adhesive so I didn't have to stitch it. Remember, don't machine stitch velcro with adhesive!! It'll gunk up your needle!!

Surprisingly, Louis was totally cool with wearing the cape and ran around rocking it out no problem!

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  1. Anonymous12/1/12 19:48

    This is really cute. You could do lots of variations of this. Superman?