15 November 2011

Cinderella, The Beginning

Mission Princess Updates
Today, I cut out pattern pieces for Cinderella!!
So, as I mention in basically every entry, I'm working on gifts for my niece for Christmas.  The goal is Cinderella (Simplicity 2817) and Rapunzel (Simplicity 2065) dresses plus matching doll dresses (Simplicity 5705). I'm timing it like this: My goal is to have the first dress (Cinderella) done by Thanksgiving so I can show my parents that their money was well spent.  I hope to have finished the matching doll dress a week after that. Two weeks after that I want Rapunzel done - it's going to be more time consuming that Cinderella because I might have to hand stitch some of the trim onto organza.. and the week after that I want to finish the Rapunzel doll dress.
So, give or take
25 Nov - Cinderella
2 Dec - Matching doll
16 Dec - Rapunzel
23 Dec - Matching Doll
My two additional concerns: the Cinderella dress does not have a pattern for gloves even though the girl in the picture is wearing matching gloves! Neither dress has a pattern for crinoline even though clearly these dresses are intended to be worn with crinoline.  The Rapunzel dress DOES account for a "slip/lining" with a lace trim at the bottom.  I'm omitting that.  I'm going to make a crinoline which is going to be mostly improvised based on my petticoat tutorial, so it won't be that big of a deal.. I'm just going to take some time to seriously consider the measurements in order to have it look the best it can. I also bought a stiffer netting type stuff instead of the flimsy tulle in order to build body faster that won't compress under the dress.
I'm taking into account a lot of the advice on this extremely thorough pattern review for the Cinderella dress.  If you're going to use this pattern, I do seriously advise that you read this particular review. I'm going to be using a lot of the adjustments she mentions. I'm glad I read it before I cut.

So I read all of the instructions and....
I'm seriously going to be doing a lot of things differently.   The review above mentioned that the lining for this dress isn't a true lining. Oh, it's not. at all! It's basically just a backing fabric, all of the seams are still exposed. So, for anyone who is here because they are thinking about doing this pattern. My game plan is to machine stitch the lining and bodice together at the neckline and nowhere else.  I'm going to attach the sleeves the way they say to, except only with the satin - not with the lining.  I'm I'll stitch the side seams of the lining separately and then hand stitch the lining at the sleeve, zipper, and waistband. Honestly, I might just do all the lining totally last. Simplicity's instructions for this costume dress.. are for a costume dress... and I really want a dress that's going to last for a long time and exposed seams aren't going to cut it. So, I'm going to do a true lining, most of which will probably be hand sewn in due to logistics.. and I'll probably do french seams on the skirt.

More updates and some construction soon!

Oh, and my cape was on the New Look Patterns facebook page. Win! :D

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