26 November 2011

Cinderella - Simplicity 2817

 I'm a day behind on one dress and a week ahead on another.  The doll dress and the child dress are both. . . dun dun dun... DONE!
Of course, I used Simplicity 2817 As I've mentioned in many many many other entries! My niece is getting this dress, the doll dress, a doll, and lots of doll things for her birthday.  Cinderella is her favorite Disney princess ever.  All she ever wants to talk about is Cinderella.  In fact, they couldn't find her a Cinderella dress for Halloween and she ended up wearing a dark blue Alice in Wonderland dress (which I know because it had the Cheshire cat on it haha), but she thought it was Cinderella so cat or no cat, she was Cinderella for Halloween.. in her Alice dress. haha.
So tonight I was taking her to dinner with a friend.  I said to my niece, I have a surprise for you when we get back to nana and papa's house. She says to me, CINDERELLA??? hahaha no, she didn't know about her surprise... she just has a one-princess mind.
You can read my entire pattern review below.   Of course, the matching doll dress is Simplicity 5705 which I posted about here.

Pattern Description: Cinderella Dress  

Pattern Sizing: 3-6, Child  

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes. However, The model on the package front is wearing gloves and both dresses are pictured with a crinoline. There is no reference or instructions for a crinoline or gloves. I feel like the envelope should have at least said 'pictured with crinoline' - that's okay, though, I made my own crinoline using my own Tutu Tutorial  

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, if I had followed all of the instructions they would have been super easy to follow, but see following questions for why it didn't really matter to me. If I were the type of sewist who followed all instructions, they would have been good for me. I tend to do what I want, though.  

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? The pattern itself is adorable. It looks just like the Cinderella dress. I will say that it runs large and long. My niece is 4. She wears 5T. I cut a 5, but made the skirt 4 length. I'm going to have to hem it an additional 3-4 inches. I knew the bodice would end up large, but I had a plan for that. See alterations  

Fabric Used: Polyester Satin and Organza

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: My biggest issue with this pattern would be the "lining" - As other reviews of this pattern mention, it's not a true lining, it's an underlining. Therefor, the fact that the pattern has a "lining" does nothing for the exposed satin seams - which anyone who has ever worked with satin knows are terrible. I didn't want the inside of this dress to turn into a frayed mess after my niece had worn it once. I also didn't want to have to do a fancy seam finish on a bodice that's already two layers. I don't have a serger. So, I did a true lining. It's machine stitched around the neckline. The zipper, lining arm holes, and lining at the waist line are all hand stitched in. French seams on the skirt seams.
As mentioned above, I made a 5 but the length of the 4 and then I took another 3-4 inches off (well, hemmed off, I didn't take it off per se). I'm not sure if my niece is short or what, but even with the petticoat I made under it, the dress is still too long. Without the petticoat, it would probably be 6-7 inches too long. My last design change would be that after putting in the zipper (by hand), I also added a row of snaps. I knew the bodice would be too big, so I was going to tuck some extra fabric in the side seams, but once I decided to do a true lining, that was going to be too much work to fix later. So, for now my niece will use the snaps which make the bodice about 3 inches smaller and next year she can use the zipper. I hope this will make the dress wearable for the next few years.  

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I don't know if I would have to sew it again, but if so it was a good pattern. If I hadn't done the hand stitching, it would have been a pretty quick pattern to finish.  

Conclusion: My niece is absolutely delighted. She basically thinks it is the best dress under the sun.

 I'll be adding more pictures of lexi in the dress later.  This picture is before I put in the snaps and fixed the hemline, which is why it looks hhhuuggee on her.  She's getting the dress for keeps on her birthday in a week, so I'll post pictures of the fully-fitted dress later :D

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