09 November 2011

Creating a Strategy

So, I probably won't have a serious sewing post until next week. I'm on a detox.  There is a large chance I will throw the detox to the wind and sew sew sew anyways! But, maybe not.  I'm doing sewing lessons (sometimes multiple) every day. Tomorrow I'm going to be a "sewing helper" for a few hours for some extra money. After that, I'm packing up and heading to Savannah for the weekend.  The real reason for the detox? If you remember correctly, I said I was going to start working on princess dresses for my niece soon using Simplicity's Disney Princess patterns.  Additionally, I purchased around 20 patterns thanks to Joann's recent pattern sale (on through Saturday, I think, Go buy your 5 for $5 Simplicity patterns!!!!!!) So, I'm planning what to do with everything. Granted, I definitely won't be making all of the patterns any time soon.. but I have and some fabrics laying around that now have patterns that would be perfect for them!
So, here is my plan:
Mission Christmas Princess
I'm using Simplicity 2065 for the Tangled Rapunzel dress.  My niece definitely doesn't need the hair piece, so we're going to leave that out.  She has lovely long blond hair. Good enough.  As far as what I see myself doing differently for this pattern.... To start off with, you might notice that the colors in the costume don't look like the colors in the picture of the cartoon. At all! I think I'm going to plan to get something closer to the eggplant color of Rapunzel's dress from the movie.  Also, I might leave out the overlay on the skirt and just go with a lace a the bottom. I'm going to look at some more pictures and decide.
The game plan is to make matching doll dresses. Simplicity 5705 will be perfect for this. I'm going to use the Cinderella doll pattern with some alterations, but nothing major. 
The next "priority" doll is Cinderella.  These two are my niece's favorites.  I'm using the Simplicity 2817.  I really like the way this pattern looks on the envelope, so I'm going to hope that I'm not doing any major alterations for it.
The other two princesses that my mom and I would really like to make (me make, mom buy fabric, that is, it's a collaboration), are Belle and Sleeping Beauty.  Clearly, the doll patterns for these two are super cute.  However, I'm not going out and ordering to out of print patterns to get patterns for the actual dresses.  The game plan is to use the Cinderella pattern.
Sleeping Beauty:  I'm going to add the neck line by using a white satin and some heavy interfacing.  I haven't come up with my sewing plan for that one, but I don't think it will be all that hard to attach.  I may omit the long sleeve, depending. We'll see.  For the waist piece, I'm going to add it where the organza overlay would be on the Cinderella dress. That shouldn't be too hard.
Belle: For the next line, I'll add organza or something of the sort over the bodice, as is, without the current sleeve. Again the doll pattern features a long sleeve which I might omit (in my defense, we live in Georgia, she really doesn't need long sleeves on these dresses!) I haven't decided whether I'm going to go with the more accurate paneling and gathering of the skirt or just go with the overlay which creates that illusion.  I will decide at some point.

I addition to all that, 
I have plans to make Simplicty 2223 view B (jacket) with an african looking fabric I thrifted from craigslist.  2223 is actually the full pattern package version of Simplicity Sew Simple E1964 which I used to make this jacket which I love.
I have just enough of a nice navy blue knit (thrifted, goodwill) to make either A or B on Simplicity 2560 (cardigan), I haven't decided yet, though.  I really like them both. We'll see
I have just enough of a ribbed dark purple suiting fabric that I bought at Hancock last spring to make view B, curvy, with simplicity 2475 (Amazing Fit Collection Skirt). I'm actually pretty excited about that one.
Last on the plan? I have this lovely floral fabric - rayon/challis/something (main color: dark green) that I bought at Hancock in May. I'm either going to make a dress length version of one of the shirts from Simplicity 3697 (Khaliah Ali Collection) or the maxi length version of the dress from McCall's 6110.  For both, I would use a contrasting black challis. For the McCalls, I would use it for the bodice and for Simplicity I would use it for the waist band, neck band, and ties. 

For anyone who is interested in looking through my pattern collection, I've made a Pattern Catalog board on my pinterest  So, Check that out!

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