20 November 2011

The Lace Trim Pouch Tutorial

So, I've recently been feeling pretty inspired. i do A LOT of thrifting.  Normally, this means that I end up with a lot of supplies in small amounts.  One thing I can rarely walk away from is dirt cheap lace. I love lace. I love cheap stuff. I can't walk away from cheap lace. So, I'm going to post a tutorial each week with some of my ways of using my thrifted lace.  If you have an questions, comments, or even tutorial requests please feel free to drop a comment! Also, follow me so that you don't miss out on future tutorials!

Notes: My finished bag measurements are approximately 8.5" x 5"

-Fabric: I'm using the weird pleatherish fabric I've mentioned in so many posts before. It was free (craigslist).  Just about any woven fabric would work out just fine for this.  Probably something with a little more body would be good.  My rectangle is 11"x10"
-Lace: If you use my rectangle measurements, you need about 20" of lace.  I used a peacock wright's brand lace trim (circa 1960-70s).  It's thrifted.  I purchased a ziplock bag full of trims at goodwill for like $2 maybe? yea.  This is for a friend who desperately needs a makeup bag.  She loves the color blue, I knew this peacock was perfect.
-Thread: I used a black thread to match my fabric.

 First: Cut your fabric. Second: Turn down the two ends that will be where your zipper is going.  My Rectangle is 11x10,  Once the edges are turned, I have about a 10x10.  Were I using a cotton, I would have just pressed and moved on, however, this fabric doesn't press because it's synthetic and I'm afraid of melting it. So, I went ahead and stitched it. First line of stitches down these two edges. Two more to come!

Next: Sew on your lace! In the picture above, you can see that that one edge of this lace is scalloped and the other edge is straight.  I machine stitch on this edge between the two horizontal lines.  So, I pinned my lace on so that the stitching would go right over the stitching I already did which was about 1/2" in.  Repeat on the other side. To the right you can see both of my rows of lace pinned on.
Next: Zipper time! I laid out and pinned one side. Sewed it up. And then pinned and stitched the other side. I managed to line them up so that they touched but did not overlap over the zipper. yay The second side has to be sew with the zipper open.
 Last seams:  Turn the pouch inside out.  Lay it flat and center the zipper. For mine, this is at 2.5 inches.  Make sure both sides are centered, you don't want your zipper to be sideways and crooked when you're finished! Carefully pin and then measure again. I'm serious, you want this zipper to be perfectly centered!
Sew. Turn right side out. Poke your corners out. You shouldn't have to clip the corners (I didn't).  And you are done! Quick and easy! Mine is going to be a make up bag for my roommate, because she can't seem to keep track of her make up.  With this sweet pouch, which will fit easily in her purse, it should not be a problem anymore!

Questions? Comments?  Post them! Seriously! Let me know what you think.  If you use this tutorial, comment with the link so that I can see your work :)
Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow me so that you don't miss next week's Lace Your Way Through Anything tutorial!

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