03 November 2011

Me and Sewing Patterns

So, I mentioned in my last post that I've purchased and plan on starting New Look 6007.  If you are a regular reader, you know that I'm not particularly big on using patterns.  I am, admittedly, impatient. Cutting out pattern pieces, pinning them, blah blah blah I get really impatient fast.. and I get distracted easily.  For those of you who remember when I made a kimono using Simplicity 4080, I made quite a few small projects concurrently because I need instant gratification and sewing with patterns doesn't usually give that to me. In fact, the last time I completed a patterned project for myself was New Look 6774 and you can read my pattern review.. but let's be honest, I started that dress in May and finished it in August.  Not because it was difficult but because.. I lose interest when things aren't done fast. . Even though, seriously, I love the dress and I love the way it turned out and I wear it pretty regularly.
However, I am surprisingly bogged down with sewing patterns lately, and I'm feeling okay with it.  As you know from this post,  I'm planning on making a cape and some costume dresses.  As a kind of practice in patience and finishing garments nicely, I decided to finally make the Sew Simple Simplicity 1964 pattern I bought a month ago.

So, instead of just throwing this together, I took some time to make it nice and clean.  The fabric is from Walmart ($2/yard!!! Isn't it pretty???), the thread is Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP, and the bias tape is single fold.

 I hand stitched the band at the bottom of the jacket rather than using the "sewing in the ditch" method recommended by the instructions.  I also took the time to carefully sew in the bias tape by slip stitching it on the inside rather than just machine stitching all of it together. . .  I also used bias tape on the sleeves.  The pattern has a large seam allowance for a wider than usual hem on the sleeves. However, I'm pretty particular about the length of my sleeves, though, so I ended up finishing them with the same bias tape as the collar of the jacket because I didn't want to loose the length for the hem.

 I also stitched down the inside seams for a smoother finish because I was worried about the fabric being too bulky.

Oh, my last alteration is that I put a pleat on each side instead of gathering. I think it looks smoother for my shape.  I'm happy with the final product. Before I attached the band at the bottom, I was afraid that it would not fall low enough to be below my bust. It does. It actually first perfectly, I'm really pleased with it. Now the question is.. what will I wear it with? All my dresses are prints... Probably should have made it out of a solid!! haha I'll figure it out. But, I'm very happy. It was a good first project for my dive into nonstop pattern usage.

Also, in one of my sewing lessons, I'm working on McCalls 6322.  We're doing the style in the bottom right corner.  I think it's going to be super cute when we're finished.

 In addition to my sewing lesson, today I went to Joann and purchased McCall's 4769, 6073, 6032, and 6110. They were on sale.  I have a pretty lengthy list of Simplicity patterns to purchase including the patterns for the princess patterns for my niece's christmas.

But most interestingly, I picked up this pattern at a thrift store today for 27 cents! See & Sew by Butterick 6166. I'm actually really excited.  There was a box of patterns, but I only liked one.. and awesomely, it is in my size yah yah yah!! Oh, and its uncut.  But, the internet doesn't think it exists.  haha whatever internet. I really like it.
However, in looking for it I also found this pattern, Simplicity 6166. I really like it as well. I might try to purchase it one day.

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