06 November 2011

The Pug Coat (with brief instructions)

Well.... here is a little known fact.  I'm not a dog person. It's been a while since I lived with my cat (he's living with my parents while I get myself settled), but anyone who has looked at entries from more than four or five months ago knows that I love my cat, I'm not big on dogs. I actually usually loathe dogs, they disgust me. However, I have one true canine love. This is my BFF, Manolo. He is the pug of a friend. I love him.

He needs a coat.  I used the same weird pleather looking stuff that I used for Louis's Zorro Cape.  The coat is lined with flannel so that it's nice and warm for Manolo during the winter. 

 The whole thing is bordered with bias tape.  The abdomen straps and collar are separate pieces.  I applied bias tape to them and then basted them to the body of the coat.  The collar sits on top and the straps are stitched to the underneath.  The entire coat is then lined with bias tape.  I did some extra securing for the straps on the abdomen.
All in all, he really seems to like his coat.

He really didn't want to stay still for all of these pictures. I'm really glad with out it turned out, though. I with I had made it a little bigger, but he needs to lose some weight anyways.

Here is how I did the measurements

I used velcro for closures, the velcro strips go the length of the tummy straps and the neck straps.

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