06 November 2011

Shop Sales!

So, I always recommend shopping sales. I'm an avid thrifter, craigslister, and ebayer. This time last year I purchased 10 simplicity patterns for $10, and I've slowly used them through the year. This year, I'm doing the same. As I mentioned previously, I've already purchased a couple of McCall patterns that were on sale, and then I waited and waited for the simplicity sale. In fact, the sale (at Joann) started TODAY and they didn't even have the signs up yet! I was like uuhh these are going to be a dollar, right???

This receipt says I saved $185.  I actually saved more, because this savings estimate doesn't take into account the amount of money I saved on the fabrics I purchased. I left the store today with: 10 patterns and 10.3333 yards in fabric.. for a grand total of $28.62. NOT BAD.  I bought simplicity patterns #5705 (Costumes for Dolls), 2065 (Girls Tangled Rapunzel Costume), 2817 (Girls Cinderalla and Snow White Costumes), 2145 (dresses), 2180 (dresses), 2217 (dress), 2635 (Khaliah Ali Collection), 2475 (skirt), 2147 (tunic), 2560 (cardigan).  I have very specific tastes, so it doesn't hurt to have the patterns on hand that I might actually use one day.

And for the fabric... The top right fabric, I stared at last time I was at the store, but restrained myself for the half off. 3 2/3 yards @ 1.50/yard.  The bottom left fabric has actually been in my heart for months now but I didn't want to spend $6/yard on it! Today? 2.5 yards @ $3/yard.  The bottom right fabric is almost a sea green type color (the pic looks almost grey, it's not) that I bought 5 yards of at $2/yard.  That fabric is for the See & Sew by Butterick 6166 pattern I posted a few days ago.. I'm gonna I think I'm going to buy a cream color for the collar and sleeve cuffs. The other two fabrics don't have specific plans. But, if you're a regular reader you know I'm going to make dresses with them. hahaha
Oh, and I used a 25% coupon that saved me six dollars. That's why I had to rush out today to make these purchases, the coupon expired today. Yayyy good shopping day at Joann.. and the last time I'm buying fabric for a while!! Next weekend I'm going home so that my mom and I can go together for her to purchase all the fabric for my niece's princess dresses.. So excited for that!

Stay tuned tonight or tomorrow for my post on my cape. I'm almost done with it!

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