01 November 2011

What I'm Up To

I am working on this pattern.  I'm using the view in the actual picture.  I have some wool fabric that I bought last year for something else and never used it.  I'm actually super excited, and I hope that it's nearly as cool looking on me as it is on this lady haha. I'll post updates as I work through it.  I was going to line it (the pattern is unlined) but I think I've decided that I don't need to.  I think I'm also going to skip the interfacing because this fabric I have is going to get very bulky very fast, it does not need interfacing (I might regret this statement later!)

I'm also in the beginning stages of planning with my mom for christmas presents for my niece. She's a cutey, and my mom is going to fund a set of princess dresses (and potentially matching doll dresses) for the only grandbaby haha.  The game plan, by priority, would be Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle. My niece's birthday is also in december.  I'm not sure that all four dresses will be ready for the two gift giving opportunities, hence the priority.  It's going to take some creativity, because as you can there is no doll dress for Rapunzel and I'm not about to four different patterns for the dresses.  I'm going to alter the Cinderella pattern to also use it for the Belle and Sleeping Beauty dresses. The neckline for SB might be tricky, but I'll figure it out.  I'm buying these three patterns next week when they go on sale at Joann.  Wish me luck

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