21 December 2011

Harry Potter Doll

(Warning: preemptive self defense ahead!!!) Okay. So. You know those lists of like 100 books people should read? Yea, I've normally read over half of them. I went through a great books program at university. I'm an avid reader in my free time (although mostly I am only slowly reading S.Y. Agnon short stories, but I love them). I'm actually not really into contemporary novels at all. I have read LOTR, Narnia, Wrinkle in Time, Dark Matter, as well as a lot of scifi stuff. I read a LOT of political commentary and history type stuff. I am a religion junkie... I'm actually not big into novels since middle school, I mostly read non-fiction. I also love persian poetry (specific, I know... but really, RUMI? yes, please). I mean. People, I've read The Iliad and The Odyssey straight through The Brothers Karamazov. Hobbes? Yes. Calvin? Yes. The Bible? Most of it. St. Augustine? Yes -and I hate him. St. Aquinas? Yes- and I love him. Milton? Yes. The list goes on. and on. and on.
So, the confession is. I'm the only 22 year old on the planet that has never read nor seen the movies for Harry Potter (or twilight, but ... ew). When HP became popular, I was reading Anne Rice. Let me rephrase that, when Harry Potter came out (at my age-appropriate reading level), I was reading adult books and making the transition to purely non-fiction history and politics stuff. Not to sound like a snob, but Harry Potter was so far below my reading level that I didn't give them a shot even though everyone else loved them.

So, my brother, now NINE YEARS OLD OMG! is reading Harry Potter. And, he wanted a Harry Potter dolly. So, I used the tutorial and pattern over at My Paper Crane (click!) to make a Harry Potter doll for my brother's birthday :)
 He turned out pretty cute. The sewist in me did not follow the instructions and just went for it whichever way seemed most sewing-logical to me. He loves it. I might make the friends. whose names I don't know. Its like a girl and a guy, right? I don't even know.

Edit: Ron and Hermione (also have capes, not pictured)

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