12 December 2011

The Lace Bracelet

This edition of Lace Your Way Through Anything is a really quick project! This lace bracelet can make a great accessory for any outfit.  It's a way to add a special unique touch! You can incorporate different colors to match an outfit!

Lace - I used a 2" wide gathered lace.  I used around 8" of it.  If your lace is not already gathered, gather it and then measure it to your wrist.  My lace is thrifted, I bought it at a mission thrift store last week.
Bias Tape - I used a light pink bias tape, about ten or eleven inches of it. My bias tape is also thrifted, from goodwill a few months ago.
Buttons - I used two buttons because I like how it looked to have two.  The larger button is from Joann I bought a two pack last spring and only used one. The smaller button is thrifted.

 First, cut one edge to be even. You can use a fray stop liquid here to stop it from fraying further, I'm okay with the fraying of the edges, I would just like it to fray evenly

 Here, you can see that my lace is already gathered.

My wrist measurement is loosely 7".  I cut 8" of the lace

 Apply your bias tape to the gathered edge of your lace.  Make sure that the bias tape fits closely to the edge so that when you sew, you are not just sewing bias tape to bias tape!

 You are going to leave one end with about 2" of bias tape left over.  Sew this closed. I thought I had taken a picture of the process of fitting my button loop to my button, but apparently I didn't.  Fold the extra bias tape back, pin it, and make sure your button slides through. It doesn't need to be a super snug fit, but it can't be too loose.
Next, sew on your buttons.  My small button is sewn on right over the stitching of the loop closure. My large button is sew on the other side of the lace, about an inch in, since I cut 8" and only needed 7". 

 Put the bracelet on by slipping the loop over the larger button. And you're done!
Quick. Easy. Very Cute.

Questions? Comments?  Post them! Seriously! Let me know what you think.  If you use this tutorial, comment with the link so that I can see your work :)
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  1. That bracelet looks so lovely! Good job! :)

  2. That looks so pretty!
    I could imagine that two of them, one at each wrist, would look awesome with a steampunk outfit, as well.