06 December 2011

The Lace Flower Headband

You can see my inspiration for this post here.  These lace flowers are going to be made much like my gathered fabric flowers are made. And, they are multifunctional and a whole lot of fun! I'm also showing how to put the flower on a headband.  This can be easily made into a

Lace - I used about 15" of gathered lace. If your lace isn't gathered, do that.. and then measure about 15" along the gathered side. This lace is a nice, soft lace. Bright white, I really like it. Thrifted, of course!
Elastic - Fold over, to be exact.  This kind of elastic is soft, has a good stretch to it, and can be purchased in various colors for a nice match! I happen to have 4 yards of this shiny white that I purchased at a small, local fabric shop in Atlanta. This shop also had it in some other basic colors such as pink and blue. I've never seen fold over elastic in big chain stores, but it's perfect for these headbands, especially for babies and small children.  I'm sure you can find it on ebay. For the record, I spent .50/yard in a store! So don't over pay!!
Button - Small fabric covered button.  Covered with white satin.  Thrifted :D

 I wrapped the lace around my index and middle fingers, being careful to keep the edge even.  I then carefully pinned it, and removed it from my fingers.

I roughly stitched around the lace, binding it together and pulling all my stitches right. I went around twice, both times gathering the center of the flower. You can see from the pictures above to the pictures below that I gathered it quite a lot. You can make your flower larger or smaller by using more lace, larger lace, or gathering more.  What's important is that when you're done with stitching all the layers together while gathering them, the hole in the center should not be larger than the button you're going to put into the center.

 Then, sew your button in.  I sew the button to the flower and then attach the flower to the elastic.  You could do this in the opposite order, sewing the flower to the elastic and then sewing the button into the center. This is up to you. So, I sewed the button in. I then sewed by hand the two ends of the elastic. You can do this by machine, but I was comfortable where I was and already doing everything else by hand. I then stitched the flower onto the elastic.  I used about 18" of elastic. Just measure it to your head or your baby's head or whoever your headband is for.

And now you have a fashionable, beautiful new headband! Once you make your lace flower, you can actually do a variety of things with it.  You could attach it to a clip for a hair clip or a pin for a cute brooch.  You can sew it directly onto a shirt or a bag or whatever.

Questions? Comments?  Post them! Seriously! Let me know what you think.  If you use this tutorial, comment with the link so that I can see your work :)
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  1. This looks so pretty! Thanks for the how to!

    I'd love for you to link up and share: http://tutusandteaparties.blogspot.com/2011/12/pinteresting-link-party-week-sixteen.html

  2. I think this is super cute! And you're right - you could use it for other things besides a headband too. Though I would love to see a headband like this on my niece - I might have to get going so she can get one for Christmas.

  3. Thanks! Good luck, Rachel! It's a really easy project! I'm sure you'll do a great job!