10 December 2011

The Lace Pin Cushion

So,  I have one pin cushion, but it's nearly a year old and it's started to look a little rough.  In honor of LYWTA, I decided to make another pin cushion.. because I needed one anyways! Also, from all my thrifting, I have a wide piece of lace that isn't very long. So, I decided it would be perfect for this!

Fabric - scraps, really, maybe about two 5x5 squares, I used left over cotton from a dress I made a year ago.
Lace - One piece the same size as the fabric squares. Mine is thrifted
Thread - in addition to your sewing machine thread, you need embroidery thread
Button - Thrifted, size doesn't matter too much
Old Pin Cushion Tomatoes or Poly Fill - I used tomatoes that came in packaged sewing stuff at goodwill, I don't like the tomatoes, I don't use them, but I kept them.. for this!

I made my circles around 4".  I went ahead and cut the lace to be a 4" circle.  For the fabric. I traced my circle, pinned the two piece together, and then cut around it, roughly.

 I then sewed around the circle, on the line that I had traced, leaving a 2" opening
 I notched my circle to make it smoother when I turned it right side out. 
 For the next step you need a piece of paper or a real funnel.  I used a heavier paper, I rolled it and taped it to make a funnel. Cut open your old tomatoes and gently poor the tomato stuffing into your new pin cushion. Press out the saw dust to fill our your circle and compact the stuff some.
*if you're using polyfill, just stuff it in!

Stitch your pin cushion closed!

 Then, take your lace circle and center it on top of your cushion.  Find the center and by hand, pull a few stitches through to secure the lace. Pull it tight enough to compress the center but not too tight. 

 Attach your button, and then take your thread and wrap it around your cushion. For each of the four sectional stitches, I pulled the thread back up through the center, and pulled it tight. Knot your thread securely at the bottom. And, you're done!

Questions? Comments?  Post them! Seriously! Let me know what you think.  If you use this tutorial, comment with the link so that I can see your work :)
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  1. So pretty. Thank you for the tutorial and linking up to A Pinteresting Party! :)