30 December 2011

The Lace Trim Apron - For Adults and Children!

Hey, I hope everyone had a good Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) season! :D I did. I made it home to my parents' house via Christmas Miracle. My car had been refusing to start.. after a new battery and much touching of random dirty wires, I managed to get it to crank. It made it home.. and then wouldn't start for anything. My AC compressor locked up. I'm so luck -nah, blessed- that this didn't happen when I was hundreds of miles away - or worse, while I was actually driving. My car is all better now, and I was able to spend a very nice Christmas with my family.
This Lace Your Way Through Anything tutorial is for one set of gifts I gave this Christmas season :) My friend, Nicole, has two beautiful little girls. So, I decided the three of them needed matching aprons.

Supplies: For three aprons (one adult, two children), I used about 1 1/2 yards of of muslin.

Adult Apron
4x44 - you might need this to be longer
Lace, gather or gather it yourself - I think I gathered 4 yards of lace to fit the edge and maybe 2 feet to fit the pocket

Child Apron:
4x 30 
enough extra fabric to make the heart pocket and facing
Lace, gather or gather it yourself - I think I gathered around 3 yards of lace to fit the end and less than 2 feet to fit the pocket. 

Okay, so the measurements are slightly differ, but this is more or less the same process. I used three different laces. Maroon for the younger girl, Dark green for the older girl, and blue for my friend.

Okay, First you need to fold your largest rectangle in half.  You are going to curve one of the corners. When you unfold you should have two curved edges.

Next, you need to make your heart pockets.  I made my hearts by starting with a square, folded in half, and then cutting a heart shape out.  The dimensions of my squares were 7x7 and 10x10.  After you cut out your heart, take a scrap piece of fabric and cut out a facing for the top of your pocket. My facings were about two or three inches from the top of the heart.
Next, if you do not have gathered lace, gather it. 
For the pockets, carefully place the lace along the top curves of the heart. I stopped around the widest point of the heart.
Next, take your facing and place it on top of your heart pocket. The facing should cover all of your lace . Your lace should be sandwiched between the two pieces of fabric.  If you are using a fabric with a right side and wrong side, your right sides should be facing in!
Pin and sew. Here are all three of the heart pockets I made, ready for sewing.  After you sew (1/2" seam), you might need to snip the valley of the heart, and then flip the facing over so that everything is right side out. After you do this, you're going to want to press 1/2 around the rest of the heart. I pressed and then pinned.

Next, take your lace and pin it along the edge of your apron body, on the right side!

Here is a picture of my cat being SUPER HELPFUL

For the sides of the aprons, I attached the lace with a wide zig. Then, I flipped the lace out, pinned everything into place, and top stitched.

Next, I pinned the pockets to the body of the aprons.  I also recommend tacking the pocket at the dip in the heart, because depending on how much lace you used, the top of the pocket can get floppy. I forgot to do this, wish I had! I sewed around the bottom of the hearts, starting about an inch past where the lace starts.
Where you actually put the pocket just depends on personal preference.

The last few steps: I gathered the tops of the aprons. Not a lot of gather, just enough to give it body.
Then, prepare your ties by stitching your long rectangle, folded over, and then turning out and pressing. I attached the band the easy way, center the apron on the band and then stitch them right sides together. Press the seam up.

 As you can clearly see, the aprons are a hit! Sorry, no picture of Nicole wearing her apron! haha

Questions? Comments?  Post them! Seriously! Let me know what you think.  If you use this tutorial, comment with the link so that I can see your work :)
Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow me so that you don't miss the next Lace Your Way Through Anything tutorial!

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