15 December 2011

Lace Your Way Through Anything

For this week's second LYWTA post, I'm doing a sort of intermission. For all my new readers, I would like to encourage you to check out the six LYWTA tutorials I have posted so far

I've gotten a lot of good recommendations for future tutorials, there are definitely quite a few in the works. Definitely look out for those! Sometimes, when I'm brainstorming ideas for tutorials I do searches to see if anyone has already done what I was thinking of doing.  Unless I would do things  differently, I'm not going to duplicate something I've already found. Here are some of my favorite lace tutorials:

And some lace for the Christmas Spirit :)

Check back next week for a new tutorial on Tuesday. Also, look forward to a guest post from Megan @ MeganMakesCute coming soon :)
If you haven't entered my TWO giveaways:
Lace Bonnet - Vintage Pattern & Lace
You should definitely go do that before Friday at 8PM EST

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