19 December 2011

LYWTA: Guest Tutorial! Lace in Your Hair!

Hey Everyone! This edition of Lace Your Way Through Anything is a guest post from Megan over at MeganMakesCute!

 All you'll need is - about a yard of lace trim (the length of lace really depends on how many times you want to wrap it around your head) -one Bobby pin Yep, that's everything
 Take a section of hair (about an inch thick) from the nape of your neck right behind your ear and tie the lace around it.
 Braid it into your hair, I just use the lace as the third section of the braid
 When you get to the end secure it into your hair by simply tying another knot
 Now, pull it up over your head like a head band
This is the trickiest part of this ridiculously easy hair style. Take another section of hair, from where ever you part your hair and pretending you have enough hands to do it, begin using your lace braid as the third section in the rest of your hair. It will look something like this, it's actually a lot easier than I might have made it sound.

 Again, when you get to the end of your hair, just tie another knot
 Take your braid and  position evenly with the other side of your head, working it under your hair.
 Wrap the rest of the lace around your head as many times as it will go, secure in place with Bobby pin and bam, your done. Now your hair is cute and sweet and it took less than five minutes
 For lazy girls that still liek to look put together, or, for girls that care terribly about how they look and are just really bad at doing their own hair. I'm the latter.
xoxoxo MeganMakesCute

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