21 January 2011

Me and Other People's Kids

Sometime between now and this weekend (oh, yea, like later today) I'm hoping to throw together a dress for myself using the simplicity 4080 Kimono pattern. I'll post on how that one goes. 

Also, I'm working on a child-sized kimono shirt (from the same pattern as these which I made for my friend's little girls).  I'm planning on navy blue in a flannel. For a new born boy. Hopefully I'll be able to pull off some pants. I'm thinking of opting out of the waist band/fake obi deal and throwing on a few patches - the father is in the Navy. So I thought that would be cute. I went to high school with the mother to be and she loved the kimonos I made for the girls. So, I'll be working on that.

Also, I've ordered tulle in emerald green and wine/burgundy to make birthday presents for the aforementioned girls.  They're going to be getting tutu petticoats similar to this:

Meanwhile, I've spent the bulk of my free time drinking/partying/whatevering. I guess I realize that these kinds of activities are pretty pointless . . and basically a huge waste of money. But, it's really nice to be around people. Being that I allowed myself to end up in friendships which are not always fulfilling my needs, (whether through fault of said friends or my lack of ability to communicate my needs), I'm just going to be okay with enjoying my potentially questionable lifestyle choices right now. Because, honestly, there's not much else I have to be doing. This point of view, however, will change if I do something really stupid. But, as it stands, drinking and dancing are OKAY. It's as soon as I start making real mistakes that I'm going to need to chill out. ughh. I'm weary of things right now. I don't know. ugh. 

But at least I have fun projects to work on. :/

18 January 2011

Detox? Fini!

So I finally finished my week and a half long detox from sewing stuff after the neverending kimono adventure.  I made myself a skirt. Out of the kimono fabric... wooo

I got super fancy and made all the seams french seams. Go me! The Kimono's seams were all enclosed.  The polyester (woven) definitely just wants to fray apart at all times, so I decided french seams would be a good idea. Plus I'd never really done them and it was a good opportunity to try it.  I'd say it turned out pretty well.

07 January 2011

Mission Kimono: Complete (Simplicity 4080)

So the kimono I've been working on (off and on) for the past two and a half weeks is finally completed. All in all, it wasn't too bad. I'll edit this post with more info later, but here are the pictures.
 So as earlier entries stated, this kimono was a bitch. I'm very relieved that it's done. My cat was SUPER helpful. I used more than 250 yards of thread. The whole process was really tedious.  Where as I usually totally wing things, I did my best to step by step follow the instructions for this stupid thing. In some cases (such as the boning) if I had used my common sense instead of following the instructions I would have been better off. Now I know. Not that I plan on ever making another stupid kimono hahaha. 

Simplicity 4080, front

Simplicity 4080, back

EDIT // I get a LOT of traffic directly to this post from people who are working on this pattern.  I had a lot of trouble with it myself, however, I managed to finish it and it looked exactly the way it was supposed to. SO, if you are working on this kimono and are in need of any help or clarifications for ANY part of the process please please please feel free to comment here or email me (jordann.m.hall @ gmail.com - take the spaces out!) for help, I would be more than happy to help you!