15 February 2011


So, I haven't posted much but I am totally back in the swing of regular sewing. I think I've finally gotten a hold on my sleep schedule.  I made a long skirt and a dress for myself. I'll post pictures when I get around to it haha. The dress is patterned from a long skirt I bought at New York & Company last winter.  Most college students go into "sweat pants" mode, I wear long knit fabric skirts instead. I tell myself that it looks better. The dress is a ribbed purple fabric and I made it from the kimono pattern. It's cute.
I'm also currently working on a copy of my apron for my Aunt and a green dress for a themed party this weekend. I have fabric for another long skirt and a bolero... I'll get around to those eventually.

All of that aside, I spent my weekend slaving over tutus. Dr. Grant, one of the professors who was on the trip to Eastern Europe that I took this summer and my advisor, and his hub have adopted three beautiful children. 
My weekend started off pretty miserable. I got into a huge fight with my best friend Friday afternoon and I think we may have just hit the longest amount of time without speaking to each other (not counting when I was on that trip) since ... high school. She did something that was dead wrong but seems to be the only person who doesn't see that she was unquestionably wrong. One of my closest friends here at school wrecked her car on Friday. 
The highlight of my Friday was facebook stalking Dr G and his hub to see pictures of their children. 
So, I woke up on Saturday with a mission. I went to Joann's and bought supplies. 5 hours saturday, 8 hours sunday, and 4 hours after work Monday morning.....
Let's just say, it was worth it.  
Each tutu is 3 yards of 54" tulle, 2 yards of a thin ribbon, 3.5 yards of a thicker ribbon, and 12" of satin.  It works out to have been 30 yards of 5" tulle and 6 yards of 2" tulle total, between the two tutus. They are each five layers of tulle, the bottom tier on every layer is 4 yards gathered to 2 yards and the top tier is 2 yards gathered to 1 yard. They are draw string. It took my a lot of time to get the hang out it. I used the pattern plans I had already made for my friend's girls... and let's just say I'm in no hurry to get those started. But, at least now I know what I'm doing for sure (I'll also probably leave a layer or even two of the tulle out, they were intensely puffy)