23 March 2011

Because I needed another clutch/wristlet

Finished the new wristlet/clutch.  Because I totally needed a new one.  I made one very recently ( here ) but it's a pretty ... and not practical. The lace definitely hasn't been holding up as well as I would have liked.  So, lace and satin turn out to not be the best choices for a wallet that is going to be tossed in a bookbag every day. So, here's the newest edition.

 I think it turned out pretty well. I kinda wish I had played with the proportions a bit more.  I would have liked for it to be a little bit smaller. But, I am pleased regardless.

My freaking cat. ugghhh

Proven again

I had a rrrreeaaallllyyyy stressful weekend with A LOT of family drama. Whhhaattt??? yyea. It was intense and I was monstrously stressed out.  However, I spent my weekend with a girl who somehow was perfectly able to understand my stress. It was wonderfully relieving, even through my grief.

I was able to finish one surprise and start another (Yeaa... my cat wouldn't wear the bonnet. He's suucchhhh a bad sport).  It turned out really well, though. :D

 Which any luck, this will get done in the next week.  I have a friend who is from Bangladesh who brought me back a gift when she went during the winter break.  So, I'm making her a gift.
Otherwise I just have some random stuff in the works.

 Also, this owl is supppeeerrr cuuttteee

16 March 2011


You know, I think sometimes I genuinely fail to remember how lucky I am.  I mean, I have a ton of stress. I have school work. I go to a school full of spoiled brats who I can't relate to because they can't possibly understand the financial stress I'm constantly under. Additionally, I don't like the idea of "temporary" friends so I often try to keep people at arm's length because if I can't kept them forever, I don't want them at all.  So I have a lot of friends who can always turn to me, and I can always turn to them... but honestly once I leave school I'm not sure it's really going to be possible to keep up with them.  I do my best with long-term, long-distance friends but sometimes you just can't prevent people from being crappy. Additionally, I have an outer circle of people who I'm "friends" with but not really - the party friends.  The people who have no problem asking from me but have no sense of obligation or consideration towards me. These people are often friends of the close friends. 
So, sometimes I just get really frustrated. And I feel like I'm alone, and that honestly, no matter how hard I try, I can't CREATE good people to be friends.  And, in the long run, I can't over compensate for my friends' crappiness forever. 
And then I realize that, my needs have been provided for. Part of my fear of losing people is that: 1) I'm afraid of being alone and 2) I believe that people come into my life for a reason and I don't want to miss the opportunities that G-d is providing.  But, I think I forget that people come .. and people go. And for everything I feel like I'm losing, G-d is providing me with exactly what I need to keep moving. Never am I without and never am I losing more than what's best for my life and my future. And, honestly, if things are really as bad as they feel, it's not really a loss. It's probably an emotional net-gain in the long run. 

P.S. I'm making a surprise. 

14 March 2011


I made another long skirt... but as far as I can tell I'm never going to get around to posting pictures of final products that I wear. Oops. 
Here's my cat helping me out with another skirt. He's basically the best sewing partner ever... uh huh, did you buy that? Either way. I made another long skirt.  You can't see from this picture but it's a printed knit.  It's really pretty.  I actually had some problems with it because I forgot to determine which way had more give when planning the selvages and the waist band.  Let's just say it had basically no give in one direction.  Fortunately I cut it big enough that it didn't matter. I didn't have to put elastic tape in because of the lack of stretch. So, I suppose that technically I saved myself a lot of trouble with the mix up.  

 In other news I made myself a new wallet/clutch.  I think the lace is going to turn out to be too delicate for me to be tossing this into my bag and stuff, so it might need to exclusively be a going out clutch. whatever. It turned out cute.

Otherwise I made a green dress for a friend's party. I'm working on some tutus. and I really want to make a quilt. like. bad.

 Also, Facebook has finally figured out what's up when it comes to those stupid ads. hahahaha