30 September 2011

Fabric Flowers and Fabric Covered Buttons - TUTORIALS

Fabric Flowers: They're cute.  They can be attached to clips for hair clips or to headbands. you can put then on pins and use them as broaches. They can be made into necklaces. They can be sew directly onto clothing. They're pretty great. 
They're also pretty easy to make.  For my flower I'm using this stripped grey and white fabric. It's thrifted, I got it for free. It's cotton. I started by cutting a strip that is 22" x 3" 
I folded and stitched in the ends of the fabric, so that I could have clean edges on my flowers.  After that, fold the fabric in half (length wise, obviously) and gather.  Personally, I have a gathering foot. It's pretty excellent. If you don't have a gathering foot, you can gather the manual way.

After gathering, my strip of fabric measured about 8.5"

The gathering caused the fabric to curl.  Following the natural curling, roll the fabric around until it is about three layers.  I try to have the two ends around the same place so that they flower is the same amount of layers all the way around.

View from the underside

After that, hand stitch the layers together, to keep the shape. I put cool black lines in the picture so that you can see what I mean.  It doesn't require a lot of stitching, just enough to hold everything together.

For the center of the flower... 
I made a fabric covered button
The kit I used is thrifted (of course!).  It was actually really cool and easy to use.

I actually guess on the size of the circle rather than cutting up the packaging. yep.  I this picture you see: the "plastic holder", "metal pusher", button shell, and the button back. Oh, and the fabric, thrifted.

You should place the fabric right side DOWN onto the holder. Try to center it.

Center the button shell over the fabric and then push it into the plastic holder. It will be a bit of a squeeze, but that's what helps the fabric go over the button shell smoothly and tightly.

Place the button back over the fabric, making sure all of the fabric is inside the button shell. Place the metal pusher over the button back and PUSH!  Mine popped in really easily. After that, pop your snazzy new button out of the plastic holder!!

Beautiful! yayayay. I've actually never done a fabric button the proper way before, I've winged it after taking apart a fabric button, but I've never done it with a kit. It was so easy.

So, Attach your button to your flower... and then do whatever your creative heart desires with your finished fabric flower!! :D

So, this is my first full, intentional tutorial. How did I do? I would love some feedback.  
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29 September 2011

No More Naked Sewing Machine!

Okay, so... a few weeks ago I managed to score a huge amount of free fabric thanks to Craigslist. I hated like 90% of it and dropped all of that off at a goodwill. However, I did keep a small amount of the fabric and some of them I really love.. However, I'm kinda over my allotted amount of space for fabric so I'm trying to get some of it used... and I'm really into small, quick projects lately. 
So, I decided to use this fabric which is a pre-quilted fabric.. I basically basted this to a piece of white cotton and then put bias tape around the edges and added ribbon for the ties. super simple!I decided the size by measuring over the sewing machine.  The width of the cover is about 2.5-3" wider than the machine itself. 

And so now my sewing machine isn't naked all the time anymore. yayayaya

28 September 2011

Sewing for Abbey

I'll update this later with more blah blah blah and actually jacking Megan's pictures to put here but until then you can find pictures of some cute things I've made being wore by a really cute baby here and here.

This is Abbey Memphis. 
 This super stylish baby is sporting a one of a kind, totally baby couture matryoshka doll shirred dress dress made for her by ME! Yayyyy. wooooo.  The fabric I purchased from Etsy a year ago for another gift.. It's from Japan.  The straps and half of the trim is bias tape.  The bottom is also thrifted cream colored lace from Goodwill. The bodice of the dress is shirred with elastic thread
Craftster Post 

This is Abbey Memphis hanging out with her bff, the doll.

This is Abbey Memphis hanging out in the sun while protecting her baby skin from the mean old sun.
Fabric is Studio E - Chelsea Lace line

And this is Abbey after a bonnet change because who sits in the sun for more than five minutes in the same bonnet? Clearly, she needed an outfit change.
Fabric is white muslin.  Lace is thrifted. It's a little too big, but she'll grow into it. 

A special thanks to Megan and Abbey Memphis for the wonderful pictures
Megan also has a crafting blog. That's why her name is a link.
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26 September 2011

Hand Needle Holder

Sooo... I don't actually use hand needles for much of anything.  I literally have three stuck into my pin cushion and that's all. I just.. don't use them... because my sewing machine does everything for me... yeeaa.. but I mean, just because I don't use them doesn't mean that my poor needles don't need a snazzy case. Besides, sometimes it's really nice to have a 30 minute project. You know.. plus the hour I spent putting the snap in. haha

Soooo... I used this stuff.  Singer "snap fastener kit"  - This actually came in a like grab bag of random craft stuff that I bought at goodwill for like two dollars. I basically bought it in order to get these snaps. and some ribbon..  Anywho. I managed to get the "male" half of the snap on properly with very little stress. However, the "female" was disastrous. I messed up three prong pieces in the process. and I ripped up the fabric some waaahh but the snap that stayed covers the issues. 

I made some more of these things:

You can check out my other posts on these envelopes here: Craftster or Craftsy
They can also be purchase at my etsy shop.

25 September 2011

Yo-yo earrings

So I made some cute earrings from satin and buttons. wooooooo

Additionally, I did some organization. So like.. I had a lot of ribbon that I had recently purchased new and thrifted.  New ribbon looks like it's a lot on the roll, but truthfully it's usually around three yards. So, had these two cardboard things that something else had been wrapped around.  So, I transferred all of my ribbon from their individual spools onto these two pieces of cardboard. The ribbon literally takes up 75% less space now. I'm pretty pleased, since it took like an hour to do.

24 September 2011

This Lady, full hip adjustment!

Okay. soooo.. I hate her face.  blah blah blah hate it. however, the SHAPE of this dolly is much better than the shape of the last set of dolls. I might take the face back off and see if I made make an improved face... but I also might just leave it the way it is because.. it's a test doll.. 
Either way, now that the largest doll's hips are sized up for a more curvy shape, I just have to adjust the smaller three patterns and then I'll have a very pleasing set of pattern pieces for matryoshka dolls yah yah yah!!! 
I just really need to decide what I'm going to do with these faces!

19 September 2011

The ladies, test run

Meet the ladies. Let's just say, these ladies are going up on Etsy, but I'm still going to post all of this here because quite frankly, I'm going to have to rework the pattern anyways. 

 The ladies started off as white muslin, just as a grounding.  Red polka dots and yellow/almost gold scarves.
 Rick Rack and button for details.
 Face and hair attached with Aleene's


 The Ladies before they got their faces
 The Ladies with faces
All in all, I love them but I wanted them to be more.. curvy. So, that's definitely an adjustment I'll have to make.  Otherwise they came together well. If you want your own set, keep a look out at my etsy.  I will probably be posting them tomorrow.  I'll be working the pattern and adding other sets of dolls in the coming weeks. :) so keep a look out.

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