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My list of recommended sewing resources!!!
Books: So, it's fairly well known that I'm huge on thrifting.  I'm a recent college graduate, and I'm not exactly swimming in money these days. For example, I would really like Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts, but honestly, it costs more than a dollar... so I have a hard time bringing myself to purchasing it.  However, I have scored about six books in Singer's Sewing Reference Library set at various thrift stores.  This one in the picture is one of the books I do have and have used quite a few times.  One of the things about using old school sewing resources is getting past how dated everything looks. For example, I would not making anything that remotely looks like anything on the cover of this book... however, it contains A LOT of resources.  I also have the SSRL books for: lingerie, knits, tailoring, fitting, special occasions, and specialty fabrics.  This book to the right is the one I've used the most, though.  It had excellent instructions for a number of decor items.  
Other books I have include the Vogue Easy Sewing book and Claire Shaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide - but I haven't used either of them all that much.

Online resources:
One big recommendation I would give you is checking out the printable resources at The Scientific Seamstress. There are PDFs for bias tape and easy hemming measurements charts. I have used the hemming measurement chart thing.. but I haven't had a chance to use her bias tape cards.  The Scientific Seamstress is extra cool because you can just download the patterns and print them (on to card stock works best) and then bam, you have a free and awesome tool to help with your sewing!

Next?  See Kate Sew - Sewing 101 has a LOT of very comprehensive tutorials on sewing basics. When I give sewing lessons, I usually spend the entire first lesson going over the things that Kate has very carefully explained in these tutorials. Literally, this list of tutorials contains explanations for some of the most basic sewing concepts that you need to have in order to sew successfully!

Ruffles and Stuff also has an excellent Sew Basic section.  I originally used her shirring tutorial when I decided I needed to learn how to use elastic thread. However, it didn't work for me because I have a brother and they are very particular about shirring. This tutorial world work great for everyone else, though.  If you have a brother please consult this tutorial on how to get your machine to shirr properly.

WeSewRetro has a lot of useful resources for sewing with vintage patterns and supplies.  You can check out their Vintage Sewing Academy for some tips and browse through their posts for lots of vintage inspiration!

If you run a google search, it is not at all hard to find the resources you need.  If your in the Atlanta area, I offer lessons. You can email me about that at jordann.m.hall [at]

Also, check out my Sewing Techniques Pinterest board.

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